Output Magnitudes

IH2VOF can obtain the following fundamental variables in any cell of the mesh:

  • VOF function (free surface)
  • Velocity field (horizontal and vertical components)
  • Pressure field
  • Turbulent magnitudes: k and ε

Several derived magnitudes can be obtained out of the box, either directly or using the postprocessing GUI.  Those magnitudes are related with the functionality and stability of coastal structures:

  • Functionality:
    • Free surface elevation along the whole domain
    • Free surface gauges and spectra
    • Run-up on a slope (breakwater or beach)
    • Overtopping analysis: mean overtopping discharge, instantaneous overtopping discharge, instantaneous volume discharge, mean and instantaneous velocity during overtopping events and thickness of the overtopping mass of water.
    • Transmitted energy leeward the structures by overtopping and throughout the porous media
  • Stability:
    • Time evolution of the pressure law around monolithic structures (crown-walls and vertical breakwaters)
    • Time evolution of the forces (horizontal and uplift forces) and moments
    • Time evolution of the safety factor coefficient

Additional magnitudes related with surf zone hydrodynamics can be also calculated:

  • Gravity and infragravity wave evolution
  • Wave breaking
  • Undertow
  • Bottom shear stress